Apr 7, 2010

a good old age, and full of years

The summer before I headed off to seminary marked my paternal grandmother's 80th birthday, and there was a large surprise birthday party in her honour.  She has always been healthy and clear-minded, but about two years ago she began experiencing pain.  She had a gall bladder operation 18 months ago, and that is when the doctor discovered the tumor.  It was cancer, and it was successfully removed.  We spent Christmas Eve of 2008 in hospital with Grandma, rejoicing that the operation had gone well and that the cancer had not spread.  From the hospital she moved into a retirement home to recuperate, and eventually made the decision to sell her house and remain at St. Jacob's Place.

She had a good year, but for the past several months has been in some pain.  A new lump was detected, a biopsy was done.  She was given a prescription for pain meds, with the result that she can no longer drive herself around.  Today my parents took her to see her oncologist.  They were there for several hours, and just called a few minutes ago with an update.  There are four different cancers.  My grandmother is being admitted to the oncology ward of the hospital, and it looks like she will not be going back to the retirement home.

This past Sunday she did not feel up to attending the family Easter dinner, but we stopped by to see her afterwards.  We had called before heading over to the home.  Although she had already gone to bed, she got up again to see us.  That evening she gave me the New Testament which had belonged to her father.

Please remember Elmina, and her extended family.