Mar 3, 2014

a short jaunt

Today we got up to -12 C in the sunshine, with a slight breeze out of the
west. While I don't expect to ever -- EVER -- encounter temperatures like
this on the great trek to Jerusalem, I thought today would be a good day
to do a live test of my layering system.

The results were encouraging. It took me 40 minutes to walk 4 km, so I
was moving at a good pace, especially considering the slush, snow, and ice
that was covering the sidewalks most of the way. The tip of my nose got a
little cold because I can't cover it without having my glasses completely
fog up, my arms felt a slight chill, but my core was actually a little too
warm. (Too warm in the winter is just as dangerous as too cold, since
once most clothing gets damp from sweat it loses a lot of its insulating
qualities.) Next time I'll leave the insulated vest at home and add an
extra long-sleeved layer.

Mar 2, 2014

Forgiveness Sunday

There is a great write-up about this Sunday at A much shorter version was posted to Facebook by Dcn. David B. Keim, who wrote:
Forgive me, a sinner. Forgive me because I am a sinner. Because I am connected to creation and, thus, my sins contribute to the fracturing of it. Because the evil I introduce into the world affects you. Because there is no such thing as private sins. Because my sins – even the ones not aimed at you and that you will never know about – are, therefore, sins against you. For all that: forgive me, a sinner.
And so, whoever finds themselves reading this, please forgive me.