Feb 7, 2010


Today I passed the 100 km marker. Less than four easy days of walking until I'm in Santiago, and I could do it in three without much difficulty. Finisterra is looking like a good way to extend my walking.

I'm finding that I have fewer and fewer words when I sit at the keyboard. I suppose it's because I enjoy walking so much that I'm walking longer and later into the evening, which leaves me less time to process my thoughts by writing in my journal. And in spite of "not much happening" I feel like I have a lot to process.

I was originally planning to walk a bit further today, but when I arrived in Portomarin at 3:30 this afternoon, I realized I had walked 24 km on nothing more than coffee and lots of tea biscuits. A hot meal was soon found, and also a very good conversation with a Czech woman I met on the trail today. Even though there were still several hours of daylight left, I decided to stay in Portomarin for the night so I would have time to sit and write and think and read. And now here I am at a computer uploading photos.

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