Jul 31, 2010

War and Peace and Zombies

Well actually, there were no undead in Tolstoy's masterpiece. Nor have I read the 2009 mashup I reference in this post title. (I'm curious, though, and a big fan of the Austen original so I may pick it up one of these days.)

A few months ago, several bloggers decided to do a summer reading of War and Peace, using the translation by Pevear and Volokhonsky. There was a schedule, and bloggers being bloggers I'm sure people also wrote as they read. Me being me, I read it through in several fairly intense sessions.

In actual fact, I haven't quite finished it. I began reading Part Two of the Epilogue, but after four or five pages of Tolstoy's maunderings about fate and the destiny of nations and the soul of the people, I gave up on it. I skimmed through the last twenty or so pages, searching for any type of narrative but in the end it was just too much for me. Much like the excursuses in Les Miserables, the political and historical questions being addressed were too far removed from my interests. Ah well.

Anyone know of a good English translation of Don Quixote?

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