Feb 7, 2015

Brief update: scattered observations from Parvomay

In spite of the wonderfully caffeinated beginning to my day, it was not an easy walk. I just couldn't seem to hit my stride until quite late in the day, when I was already tired. It remained overcast all day, and there was a strong headwind all afternoon. Still, I arrived. Breakfast is included in the price of the room, but it isn't served until 8:00. I'm planning to be packed and ready to go by then, and won't even head back up to my room afterwards. An early start and a slightly shorter walk should help make tomorrow more pleasant, and the traffic should be extremely light on a Sunday morning. There are also more towns between Parvomay and Haskovo than there were today, so more chances to sit and rest out of the wind. The only precipitation in the forecast between now and Friday is 2 mm of snow on Monday, so that's promising. And now it's time I said my prayers and got some well-deserved sleep.