Jan 8, 2010

lots of Louvre, less luggage

Today I logged on to the airline website to check on the status of my luggage. It arrived over night at some point. Shortly after that, the airline contacted me to tell me the bag would be delivered this evening. Great news, I thought! On to the Louvre without having to worry about meeting the courier. After a few hours, it was time for coffee and some food. As we were sitting down to eat. Then the phone rang. Apparently they were a little more "efficient" than they had expected -- except of course there was nobody there to receive it. We'll be trying this again tomorrow. Today I also booked my ticket down to Bayonne, and from there I'll hop a bus to St. Jean-Pied-du-Port. It means starting the walk a day later, but doing that will save me 30€. I'm willing to bet I'll manage to spend less than that on a Sunday in Paris.

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