Nov 7, 2014

Before Mass

As an Orthodox Christian, I am unable to receive sacraments outside the Orthodox Church. Still, it is nice to use my prayer rope in the quiet evening hours, surrounded by others at prayer.


  1. Good to know that as an Orthodox Christian I shouldn't be receiving sacrements outside the Orthodox Church. I won't have that question buzzing in my mind when attending Catholic weddings or when attending Protestant churches with friends.

    1. Hi kbkl! I'm sorry you chose to introduce yourself to me with sarcasm. That rarely goes over well online, even when the people involved actually know one another. Perhaps when I return to Toronto after Pascha we can meet for coffee or something.

      At any rate, most people who read my blog are not Orthodox, and the folks who'd be seeing this on Flickr where it was originally posted are even less likely to know about our position. I figured it was as good a teaching moment as I'm likely to get several thousand kilometres from home.

    2. Kevin, I'm sorry! It took me a month, but I finally realized who this mysterious "kbkl" person is! And yes, now I can hear the dry wit in your voice, whereas before all I had to go on was a straight reading of the text. Sorry for being so slow!::)