Nov 5, 2014

(St.) Ignatius of Santhià

"Paradise is not made for slackers. Let's get to work!"
- S. Ignazio da Santhià

Limping in to Santhià over a week ago, I noticed a large circular bronze plaque embedded in the pedestrian section of the main street. It commemorates "S. Ignazio da Santhia." The main church in town has multiple copies of his ‎life available in Italian, as does the hostel, but I'm not sure I'm up for translating something that length yet. (This morning at the library, I tackled the Berenstain Bears (La Famiglia Orsetti), and that was just about right.)

A quick search online this evening revealed this brief vita provided in English by the Vatican:


Doctrinally, we may have had some issues, but I can't argue with that kind of lived witness.

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