Dec 2, 2014

A Very Good Day

This will be brief.

The weather was ideal for walking. Chilly and overcast to begin with, but walking steadily at a good clip meant I stayed toasty warm in just my merino t-shirt and a lightweight long-sleeved shirt. By the time I'd gone 6 kms, the clouds rolled away and I put on my shades. It stayed sunny and warm for the next three hours or so, long enough for me to reach the halfway mark for the day and have a leisurely lunch on a bench in the sun. It clouded over again shortly before I started walking again, but that just meant I could maintain a deliberate pace without overheating. By the time I reached the shore, there were some clouds, and a rainbow at the base of the mountains just to the south-east of me. ‎I've already posted a photo of the sunset to my blog. Tomorrow's forecast looks like more of the same.

In the past three days, I've covered 98 kms, and plan to do another 32 tomorrow. I've been taking breaks when I feel like it, and my trip to the beach probably added five or six kilometres to my day, but it was just so wonderful to sit and watch the sunset while listening to the surf break on the shoreline. That was an hour very well spent. The key to covering long distances with a limited number of days is not necessarily "walk faster." With my decent clip and more relaxed attitude, I simply keep walking longer. (Granted, that's more fun when the weather cooperates.) Including ‎all my breaks and detours, I was on the road for eleven hours today, on six hours of sleep last night. (And that's why I'll be less long-winded than normal in tonight's update.)

I just fell asleep over my keyboard - and it's a smart phone. It was a very good day.

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