Dec 18, 2014

On to Rome!

I woke up this morning feeling a little stiff. I suppose that isn't surprising, given the distance I covered yesterday. One thing which I'm planning to do, perhaps tomorrow or the day after, is find a reputable practitioner of Shiatsu and have a massage.

I hadn't phoned ahead to any of the three convents in La Storta which offer hospitality, and it was quite late when I arrived, so I grabbed a room at the first hotel I saw as I kept walking towards Rome. I took the opportunity to sleep in, and now I'm about to check out and hit the road again. It's about 20 kms to where I'll be staying, so I'll head directly there rather than to St Peter's. With security restrictions in place, I'd have to leave my backpack somewhere while I got my pilgrim's passport stamped and my lodgings are only 4 kms away from the basilica.

And now my phone's fully charged, ready for a day of navigation and photography. Andiamo! 

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