Apr 5, 2015

Apr 5: Quick Update

‎Happy Easter to those celebrating today!

As the crow flies, I am 76 kms from the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. The route suggested by my GPS app would have me cutting south east away from the coast today, but I've been advised not to walk through the West Bank.   Tel Aviv is 40 kms from here, and with my early start I hope I'll arrive in time to attend the evening service at the Russian Orthodox Church which is a few kilometres away from the hostel I'm aiming for. (That being said, I have no idea what time the service begins.) If I'm too late for that, I'll have time for a more lengthy update this evening. I'd hoped to reach Jerusalem by Tuesday, but Wednesday seems more likely now.

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  1. Enjoy these last kilometres Peter...maybe walk more slowly so it doesn't end as soon ;)