Apr 24, 2015

Home Sweet Home

I forgot to ask my family to bring a Tim Horton's coffee with them when they come to pick me up from the airport, but it doesn't matter. Twenty-one hours after I woke up in Amman, I am back in Canada!


  1. You are home then!

    Your family must be so happy to see you, and you them.

    I am writing this in that same 6 bed dormitory in 'littlebighouse' you stayed at. Weird isn't it! Pella was not such a bad miss - rather unatmospheric actually. Also, irritated to have to back track through waist high grass which my bike didn't like much.

    Pascal's thoughts are fascinating. Your own on Why Walk? are enlightening and encouraging. Much applies to cycling but the mind remains mostly focused on staying upright.

  2. Welcome home Peter. Your pilgrimage isn't over yet - your reintegration has begun. Enjoy the home comforts and love of family and friends being close by.

  3. Hello Peter,
    It is great you are at home.
    I am happy for you.
    Best wishes from Luis Castro