Mar 16, 2015

30 kms to Taşucu!

Yesterday I stopped walking before sunset and got an early night. It was either that, or continue on for another 25 kms, and I just didn't have it in me.‎ (Well okay, I probably *could* have if necessity had forced me, but thankfully I found a good, inexpensive room and didn't have to explore the limits of my endurance.)  

After several days of logging short distances due to the hills and my general fatigue,‎ I made sure to have a good hearty dinner. In the morning, I ate in my room before heading down for breakfast. This was not gluttony. It was preparation for the 42 kms I was planning to walk today, in order to have a shorter 30 km jaunt to Taşucu on Tuesday. There was still a fair bit of climbing today, but not the constant up and down of the past few days. By midmorning, the road had climbed from sea level‎ to 350 m above, and it was from atop this hill that I caught my first glimpse of Cyprus on the horizon. 

I should probably have checked the ferry schedules before setting out, but at this point I guess it really doesn't matter. I'll arrive at the port when I arrive, and leave on the next boat, whenever that happens to be. I'm really hoping they offer daily service, though, as I'm eager to see Abouna Semaan and his family in Lebanon. I think I'll be able to make it across Cyprus in three days. The airport in Larnaca looks to be a little closer to Nicosia than the nautical port in Limassol. I might even make it to Liturgy in Naccache on Sunday!

The road tomorrow looks like it does a lot of climbing, judging by all the twists. As the crow flies, I'm only 20 kms from my final destination in Turkey, but the road is half again as long.‎ There's a market near the pansiyon where I'm staying, so I'll be able to supplement my breakfast with a few hundred more calories if need be.

That'll be all for now, I'm afraid. I will sleep well tonight!


  1. Well done Peter, enjoy a well-earned rest and a good night sleep, you have my utmost admiration.

  2. Well done Peter. I totally hear you on walking those extra kms if you had to but not really wanting to. I bet you could use the company of your friend for a few days. May the thought of that carry you forward.

    1. Thanks. Once I got to Taşucu, I decided to "live dangerously" and bought a ticket to Tripoli. When I arrive, I'll decide whether to walk to Beirut or just hop a bus.

    2. I just read that in your latest post and was wondering what happened to change your mind. However, subject to being safe in Tripoli, I think you made the right choice instead of going straight to Cyprus via the Turkish occupied ports. I'm still many, many months from being in that position to decide which way I will go but I'm unlikely to do either. I'm following your journey with even greater interest right now. God speed.