Mar 1, 2015

Mar 1: Quick Update

I got to Liturgy this morning, chatted with my American friend a bit, and then paid a visit to the Studion Monastery. The walls are still standing, but since it's Sunday, the "museum" was closed.‎ I had a tea at the "Studios Garden" right across the street and then headed back to the hostel where I picked up my pack and said goodbye to the staff. Then I swung by the shop to spend a last few minutes with my old friend Ribon.

Since the morning service lasted until early afternoon, I didn't have time to walk to the bus terminal like I'd planned to, so I hopped on a very crowded tram and then transferred to the Metro system which delivered me right where I needed to go. No WiFi or power outlets on the bus, so I'll read for a bit and then hopefully get a good night's sleep so I cann start walking again Monday morning. The forecast looks great, and I'll probably be camping quite a bit as I walk along the Mediterranean coast of Turkey.

And while I was typing the above, we crossed the bridge over the Bosphorus. I am now in Asia!

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