Mar 17, 2015

Farewell to Turkey

It's late and I'm tired, so this will be short.

My GPS app didn't know about the new road between Yaşilovacık and Taşucu, which meant I was on the road an hour less than I had expected. ‎ Walking along the harbour this afternoon, someone greeted me from immediately behind me on the sidewalk. I turned around, and discovered that a clerk at a shipping company had seen me walk past his office and figured I was headed for Cyprus. (Perhaps the backpack gave it away.) I followed him back to the office, bought a ticket on the morning ferry to Tripoli, and then checked into a cheap hotel. I washed some clothes, washed myself, went out and bought some groceries, went out again and had dinner, and now I'm ready to say my prayers and collapse for the night. I'm supposed to be at the port by 5:00 AM for passport control. That's less than eight hours from now, but at least the most strenuous part of tomorrow will be standing in line.

And now, just as a reminder, here is the prayer that Danilo (the Italian boatman ‎on the Via Francigena) hands out to all the pilgrims he ferries across the Po.    

* * * * * * *

Lord God, Thou who hast accompanied and given strength to my feet along the paths and roads around the world, now that I am in front of the ford of the river, help me to cross it, that I may land on the other shore and resume my walk. Help, support and give comfort to the heart of the boatman, protect and defend his boat from the evil waves, so that we can reach the mainland and together raise a hymn to Thy glory. Amen.

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