Mar 7, 2015

Alanya At Last!

Since ‎leaving Antalya, I have been walking progressively slower each day. I'm covering the same distances that I normally do, but it's taking me hours longer. Today it finally dawned on me that by taking the bus from İstanbul to Antalya, I didn't give my thermostat a chance to adjust to the new climate. People freezing in North America may hate me for saying this, but daytime highs in the low 20s Celsius are uncomfortably warm for me. (The overnight low of 11 or 12, on the other hand, is an ideal temperature for me.)   By 2:00 pm I was toast, so I spread my foam pad out in the shade of a palm tree and had a good long nap. When I woke up, it was noticeably cooler, and I was able to walk more quickly than the 3 km/h I'd been averaging earlier. I still took plenty of breaks, but I felt much better at 10:00 pm than I had at 2:00.

When I checked in, the desk clerk kindly looked up the ferry schedules for me. He found conflicting information - either the ferry to Cyprus leaves daily at 9:30 am or the next boat is at 2:00 pm Monday. (Kinda reassuring that even a native Turkish speaker finds the website confusing.)  Either way, I think I'll spend two nights here so that I can determine whether there's a church in town, and if so, get to Liturgy in the morning.

And now, good night!

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