Mar 2, 2015

It's Not About Me (this time)

When I arrived at the hostel in Antalya and went online, I was shocked and deeply saddened to learn that a man who I knew from seminary had passed away the evening before. The following is from the GoFundMe campaign which has been established in his memory. I have only made one editorial change, to indicate the date of his repose. That change is marked in [brackets].

Please follow the links to the testimonials, and then consider making a donation to help this man's family. The link to the donation page is at the very bottom of this update.

* * * * * * *

Fr. Matthew Baker was an extraordinary man. Principled. Kind-hearted. Devoted to Christ, his wife, and his six children.

During this evening's snow storm [March 1, 2015], he passed away in a tragic car accident while travelling home from Vespers at his parish. His children were with him, but were thankfully not injured.

Please understand something. Fr. Matthew lived to serve. He cared deeply for *others* and always gave freely of his time and expertise, without any financial reward. Unlike many intellectuals, he cared most deeply about *people*: helping them, mentoring them, encouraging them in faith and life.

During his life, he gave freely. Now, we who are left to cherish his memory must also give freely, in testimony to his unique gifts and in support of his wife and six children.

100% of the donations received in this campaign will go directly to his wife. She has 6 young children to care for, and has lost the family's only income. 

Please give generously, and keep Fr. Matthew and his family in your prayers.

Memory eternal!

Here are some articles written by three of Fr. Matthew's closest friends. Please read and share them all.

"Fr. Matthew Baker Leaves Behind Wife and Six Children: How You Can Help" by Seraphim Danckaert

"'We need more spiritual brothers': Losing Fr. Matthew Baker" by Fr. Andrew Damick:

"The Life of Fr. Matthew Baker Is a Triumph of Orthodoxy" by Hierodeacon Herman Majkrzak:

* * * * * * * 

Please visit the following site and donate what you can and encourage others to do the same.

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