Oct 14, 2014

Aaaaah, Orsiéres!

Not much of an update today. These things take time to compose, and I got into town late after a very gruelling day.‎ Once I found a hotel and checked in, my very first priority was a long hot shower. Second priority was WiFi, and nourishment was a distant third.

My room in the Hotel Union in Orsiéres came with a set of those delightfully decadent feather comforters I first encountered while enjoying the hospitality of the Augustinians in Martigny. I won't have any difficulty falling asleep tonight!

I checked the forecast for the next few days, and if my feet are still feeling good in the morning, I'll be heading for Bourg Saint-Pierre tomorrow. That's only a 13 km hike, but the change in elevation is pretty extreme. I think I'm finally going to need my merino wool garments!

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