Oct 28, 2014

Discretion, valour, and remaining in Santhià

I could, if it were absolutely necessary, walk to Vercelli today. However, I have decided to adopt a policy of not walking unless I can stand squarely on both feet ‎without whimpering.

At this rate, perhaps I'll be celebrating Christmas in Rome instead of Albania somewhere. That's not a problem, except the number of days I can stay in the Schengen Area is limited to 90 in any given 180, and I still have to walk across northern Greece.


  1. Dear me that blister sounds bad

    1. Well, the bit about "whimpering" was a tad hyperbolic, but I've decided to hobble the 400 m or so to the hospital if it hasn't improved by morning. Forty hours of rest should have started to make a difference. Yes, I *could* make the next 21 km stage to Vercelli if I had no other choice, but as noted in my latest post, we (or at least I) lack the grit of our forebears.