Oct 2, 2014

Ready to hit the road!

This backpack is what I'll be carrying and living out of for the next seven months as I walk from Switzerland to Jerusalem. I owe a huge debt to my parents, who helped sew the backpack last weekend! http://flic.kr/p/puprrV


  1. Nice setup. Interesting to note your foam is this rather than the roll up type. Coincidentally, saw the movie: My Walk (Martin Sheen) a couple of days ago. It's about the walk on the Camino de Santiago. Prepares my mind for what you will go through the next bunch of months. BTW, received your card - thank you. God be with you in your endeavour.

    1. Kevin, thanks for checking in! I'll have to check that movie out when I get home. About the foam: it's a standard roll, but with a ruler, a razor, some duct tape, and elastic webbing it now takes up much less space and is easier to work with.

    2. Another advantage to folding the mat like this is it's super convenient to drop onto a cold stone bench, or to use as a rather low trail-side seat when there's nothing else available. I suppose there's no reason one couldn't use a rolled mat for that, but this just seems more elegant.