Oct 22, 2014

Hitting my stride

This post will be a series of disconnected paragraphs. I put off writing too late in the evening, and now I'm dozing off as I type. (It is a quarter to midnight in this time zone right now.)

Most of today was spent walking along the valley floor towards Ivrea. I've decided to make tomorrow a short walking day so I have the afternoon to explore the town while still getting an early night. (Ivrea is known for its Roman ruins, but also for being the headquarters of Olivetti.) The following day will be about twice the distance, but the average of those two days will be roughly the same as the average for the last two.

From my bedroom window in Settimo Vittone, the last of the hills on either side flank a wide plain. I'm a-gonna do me some Camino-style walking soon!

I did some minor repairs on my backpack this evening. The elastic drawstrings on ‎two of the external pockets had almost completely unthreaded themselves, so I used a safety pin to feed them back through and this time tied the ends off securely.

I took an hour for lunch today in Hône, and puttered about Pont Saint-Martin for about an hour, too.‎ I've also decided that the five minutes I take to find my bearings whenever I come to a poorly marked intersection is time very well spent when it saves me over a kilometre of detour.

I'm staying in the Ospitalita del Castello. Here's a photo of my room when I first arrived.

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