Oct 24, 2014

Two rest days in Ivrea

As noted in my last post, my plans to make the 35 km walk to Santhià today didn't work out quite the way I'd hoped. I was still thinking of making the attempt, because the next day it would only be 21 km to Vercelli, where there is an Orthodox Church. That would have positioned me perfectly to attend Liturgy, and perhaps even Vespers.

This morning I checked, and it turns out there's a Romanian parish here in Ivrea!‎ So, rather than push on, I'm going to give my blisters a chance to heal and see a bit more of this beautiful city. Aosta is equally ancient, but with the exception of the Roman ruins, it's a modern city with a lot of factories. The historic centre of Ivrea still looks like a medieval city.


  1. Yeah, forgot to mention that.There must be hundreds of Romanian parishes in Italy, for the more than 1 million Romanians there. Please send our regards, and rest well.

    1. I hadn't realised you were so infamous, that Romanians in Ivrea would know you. ;)