Oct 7, 2014

Tuesday morning in Lausanne

‎I arrived in Lausanne Monday afternoon and hiked up to stay with friends of Fr John and Lara Oliver. Micah and Naomi graciously opened their home to a complete stranger on the basis of Lara's request. The good food and hot shower were both very welcome, but more important to me was the loving atmosphere with which this family ‎greeted me. Their daughters were very eager to know when I would be coming back to stay with them. While I hope that this will be possible, I also hope that it won't be any time before Pascha.

This morning they gave me coffee and fed me and then pointed me in the direction of the cathedral. Here I hope to get the first stamp‎ in my pilgrim's passport, and then begin walking. Vevey is 22 km away, which seems like a good first stage.

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